Lipedema and Mobility – 35 Year-old Female

by | Feb 22, 2023 | SSA Case Study Examples of Hearings and Outcomes

Hearing held in Los Angeles, CA. The claimant is 35 years old with an Alleged Onset Date of December 2020 and Date Last Insured of 6/30/2021.

When the client first came to us we realized a Supplemental Security Income claim was never filed so our office filed a claim 1 month ago and at the hearing we asked the Administrative Law Judge to escalate the processing and attach to this claim. The judge stated she would “look into it” and did not assure us she would follow through with our procedural request.

The claimant suffers from: lipedema stage 3, lymphedema stage 4, chronic bilateral leg swelling, and s/p 3 radio frequency ablation procedures for severe and painful varicose veins. She uses a cane to walk and balance due to falls. She also has a compression machine that helps with swelling, and she uses it for an hour each evening. This is a machine that requires her to go in and it compresses her from the hips down. She has very severe leg swelling, and all doctors have advised that she spend time throughout the day elevating her legs.


At the hearing the Vocational Expert testified that even the minimum amount of leg elevation would preclude all sedentary work.

Hopefully this case will result in Fully Favorable decision; if not, our office will definitely appeal this case to the Appeals Council in Virginia.