Severe Bilateral Knee Problems – 56 Year-Old Male

by | May 1, 2023 | SSA Case Study Examples of Hearings and Outcomes

56 Year-Old Male from Margate, Florida suffering from severe bilateral knee problems which prevent him from walking due to severe pain.

Bilateral Knee Problems

In addition this condition has caused hip impingement and right foot problems. The claimant additionally suffers from: bilateral wrist polyarthralgia, and Klinefelter Syndrome (known as a common genetic condition where a male is born with an extra X chromosome.

Typically, a male has one X and one Y chromosome. People with Klinefelter syndrome can experience breast growth, breast cancer, osteoporosis, infertility and learning difficulties).

The claimant is 56 years old with an original Alleged Onset Date of 2/19/2021. The claimant has a 9th grade education and a long and productive, very physical work history as a truck driver. The Administrative Law Judge offered to pay this case On the Record (without the need for an Administrative Hearing) based on the claimant’s 55th birthday.

The claimant agreed to amend his onset of disability date and he won his under Light grid rule 202.02.